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Why are MediPeds® socks good for someone with diabetes?

MediPeds® socks feature non-binding stretch tops to fit swollen feet and legs, cushion soles to comfort your foot, smooth "no-rub" toe seams to reduce irritation, and a COOLMAX® /Cotton blend fiber to keep feet dry.

What is the COOLMAX® / Cotton blend fiber?

COOLMAX® fiber is a “+” (plus) shaped polyester that channels moisture. Cotton is a soft, natural, absorbent fiber. They are specially blended together into one yarn that offers the benefits of both.

How does the COOLMAX® / Cotton blend fiber keep feet dry?

In the cushion sole of the sock, the blended COOLMAX®/Cotton fiber is looped above and below a regular polyester yarn to get the terry sole. When your foot sweats, the cotton absorbs moisture and the COOLMAX® fiber “wicks” or pulls the moisture away from your foot through the channels to the outside of the sock--keeping your feet dry.

Will MediPeds® products help treat foot issues caused by diabetes?

MediPeds® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. People with diabetes should visit their physician regularly and have their feet checked.

How do I choose which MediPeds® product I need?

Please refer to our Product Choice Guide to view our moisture management, blister resistance, circulatory, and moisturizing socks.

About Us

Tell me about the MediPeds® circulatory socks and hosiery?

MediPeds® circulatory socks and hosiery provide moderate compression with graduated sizing that fits from ankle to calf. The all day massaging support helps fight leg fatigue and swelling.

What is the graduated compression for the MediPeds® Compression Socks?

Our MediPeds® compression socks are rated as 8-15 mmHg.

What makes the MediPeds® Aloe Infused Sleep Sock special?

The MediPeds® Aloe Infused Sleep Sock is microencapsulated with aloe vera beads and aromatherapy. They continuously moisturize your skin as you move – and they last up to 25 washings. Plus, they feel super soft!

Are MediPeds® products manufactured with any materials that may cause an allergic reaction?

All MediPeds® products are latex free and do not contain any harmful dyes or additives.

Are MediPeds® socks safe for non-diabetic people to wear?

MediPeds® products are completely safe for anyone to wear. Our socks will increase comfort and wick away moisture, while hugging your foot for perfect fit.

Where can I find MediPeds®?

Please check our Retailers page.

Is there a guarantee on MediPeds® products?

If you are not completely satisfied with your MediPeds® socks, simply return them to us for replacement.

What are the washing instructions?

Machine wash in cold water. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Do not use any silicon based softener, whether it’s fabric softener or dryer sheets. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

Who can I contact with a question or comment about my MediPeds® product?

For product questions or comments contact our Customer Service department.

8 AM EST - 4:30 PM EST
Monday – Friday Excluding Holidays
(866) 714-8486

If you are unable to reach us via telephone, please contact our customer service team at GTMCSR@Gildan.com. We appreciate your business and will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.