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Comfy and Stays Up

by Daegil

"I have bought diabetic socks before that were trashed after one wearing. It makes me crazy if they are too loose. I took a chance on these. It looked like a pretty good value. I washed them and wore a pair under my tactical duty boots today. The socks stayed in place. I did not have to pull them up once. I got the men's size 9-12 they fit my 11 1/2 foot fine. I am going to have to buy some more of these."
- Walmart.com

So Amazed!

by Don

"I normally don't do this stuff, and I'm not looking for anything. I just wanted to tell you what a amazing difference these socks have made. Every day the bottom of my feet have been so tender and sore. My mom said something about trying these socks, and even though they are a little expensive, I gave it a shot. I am so amazed! I didn't know how much better my feet could feel. Just wanted to say thanks and I will definitely be buying more of these."

- Amazon

Finally, Socks that are Comfortable!

by L. Akerson

"Bought these as a choice for my husband. It finally hit me that his struggle to remove his socks from naturally wide feet probably weren't doing any good for his circulation and "cold feet". I imagined if I had the same problem and went looking for sock that fit more appropriately. He has loved these! After 50 years, sock that fit right!"
- Amazon

Truly Surprised

by Audrey

"I was shopping at Walmart in Kearny, New Jersey on January 5, 2016. As I was browsing the aisles I came upon your MediPeds socks, I purchased two packs in black. I have tried several so-called brands of socks for symptoms of diabetic and related conditions. When I put a pair of your socks on this morning I was truly surprised by the silky feel, softness, and overall comfort! My feet feel like I am not wearing any socks at all, I kept checking to see if I had them on. Now, these are my go to socks and I will be telling all my family and friends about your products!!! I am also going to send Walmart a compliment for stocking such an amazing product. With a sincere thanks from a now loyal customer."

- Walmart

Fit Great and Feel Great

by Mailroomlady

"Love these. I'm diabetic and these fit great and feel great. Will buy again!"

- Walmart.com

Diabetic Socks for Men and Women

by Sandpiper

"These socks are so comfortable and always stay put like they should. The sock never leave lines in you calf or ankles from them cutting off the circulation. Works perfect!"

- Walmart.com

Love These Socks and I Don't Have Diabetes

by American Scribe

"You don't have to have diabetes and wide feet to like these socks. Love, love, love these socks. Other socks go through the dryer and shrink (especially the toe) to the point that they bind my feet. These have great stretch and fit great. I prefer the quarter tops. My husband and son prefer the crew."

- Amazon

Fit Perfectly!

by Don

"Fit perfectly. Just the right amount of stretch and softness."

- Amazon

Useful for Swollen Ankles and Legs

by J. Fauroton

"I purchased these for my father. His physical therapist said they were just what he needed. He is quite slim and has diabetes. Normal socks were making a mark on his leg at the top of the socks because of the elastic. These come up past mid-calf, stay up, yet don't mark his slightly swollen legs. They go through the washer and dryer easily and seem to be holding up well."
- Walmart.com

Wonderful Socks

by Richard

"These are wonderful socks for anyone looking for an alternative to socks with too much elastic that act like a tourniquet on the ankles and restrict blood return from the feet. Great find at Walmart!"

- Walmart.com


by James

"Perfect! They washed nice and didn't shrink as other brands did. They are real comfortable to wear. These are just what I wanted."

- Amazon

Fabulous Socks

by Lori

"Even though I'm diabetic, for anyone that is looking for unbelievable comfort, these will be wonderful. I've been wearing these for many years. They are medium weight, not too thin or thick and I love them. I'm a female with size 10 feet, so this size is perfect and not masculine or anything. I've never had any problem with them and would totally recommend them!"

- Amazon

Legs No Longer Swollen

by Miranda

"I coaxed my husband to try these socks because his legs were swelling so much from those tight knit crew socks men always wear. After about a week, his legs were no longer swollen and he confessed his legs were feeling much better. He now has 6 pairs in white and 6 pairs in black. We will keep ordering them."

- Amazon

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