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• Do you have foot and leg issues such as pain, tenderness, and swelling?
• Do your feet sweat during exercise or activity?
• Do you need extra cushioning in your sole?
These MediPeds® symptoms of diabetes socks may work best for you:
• Crew
• Quarter
• Low-Cut
• Extra Wide Crew
• Turn Cuff
• Extra Cushion (in the sole)
How MediPeds® Symptom of Diabetes Socks Comfort and Protect Your Feet
• The non-binding top with an extra wide stretch stitch that fits over swollen areas – reducing pressure on sensitive legs and ankles.
• The terry cushion sole inside the sock provides comfy padding that protects your foot, as well as delivers the right level of cushioning, so the sock will not be too thick and bunch up in shoes.
• The soft, smooth, “no-rub” toe seams do not irritate toes.
• The COOLMAX® /Cotton blended fiber content leaves feet dry while the LYCRA® fiber hugs foot for perfect fit.


by Sandy
These socks are so comfortable and stay up! They make my legs and ankles feel really great.

Diabetic Socks



• Do you have circulatory issues?
• Do you have ankle or calf swelling or fatigue?
• Do you travel long distances?
• Do you spend long periods of time sitting or standing at work?
These MediPeds® circulatory socks may work best for you:
• Nylon Over the Calf
• Opaque Support Trouser Socks
• Sheer Support Knee Highs
How MediPeds® Circulatory Socks and Hosiery Relieve Fatigue and Swelling
• The socks are designed with graduated sizing that meets targeted stretch measurements at specific points along the leg.
• Graduated compression promotes venous blood flow by forcing the veins to constrict to a normal diameter and allowing the values to properly function--thus aiding the blood flow back toward the lungs and heart, preventing blood from pooling in the legs and feet.
• A moderate compression profile applies the most compression at the ankle and then decreases in tension as it goes up to the calf.
• The compression helps to relieve fatigue and swelling, while making you feel more energized and comfortable all day.
• Studies have shown that compression socks 25 mmHg and lower may help diabetic persons with lower extremity edema without compromising vascularity. Source.


by Richard
These are wonderful socks for anyone looking for an alternative to socks with too much elastic that act like a tourniquet on the ankles and restrict blood return from the feet.

Circulatory Socks


• Do you like to wear socks at home or to sleep to keep your feet warm?
• Do you want extra help moisturizing your feet?
The MediPeds® Moisturizing Socks may work best for you!

How MediPeds® Moisturizing Socks are Effective
• Aloe vera is commonly used as a hydrating agent in creams and lotions.
• Aloe vera and aromatherapy scented oils are encapsulated into a micro bead and then embedded into the fiber.
• As the sock is worn, the aloe vera is released from the micro bead when it comes in contact with the skin.


by Madelyn
Love these socks! Not only do they keep your feet feeling warm but they made my feet feel super soft. And, they do not bind your feet or legs while you sleep.

Moisturizing Socks

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